TEEN – All About Us

TEEN (Photo by Hannah Whitaker; courtesy of Motormouth Media)

The three Lieberson sisters Teeny, Katherine, and Lizzie (along with their fourth honourable sister Boshra Al-Saadi) travelled back to their quiet, wholesome hometown of Riverport, Nova Scotia to work on their latest collection Love Yes. Although currently based out of New York, the alternative rock group wanted to escape the city and the noise to produce the new record.

Set to hit shelves February 19th, the ladies of TEEN have shared the first taste of the Love Yes with the new single “All About Us”. Rich in ’80s new wave and synth-pop dance grooves, the lead single is an irresistible alt-pop hit that pokes fun at a relevant topic.

Lead singer Teeny explains:

“‘All About Us’ is a song about the underplayed, quiet misogyny that women experience too often. The theme explores a situation that I have dealt with many times; if sexism is not in your face and one isn’t saying it outright, then it couldn’t possibly be happening. If I then react, it is incredibly easy to be dismissed as a silly, overreacting woman. The song evaluates this exact power play and, in turn, makes fun of the perpetrator; because, quite frankly, it’s insane that it is still happening in this day and age. 

Utilizing their warm, female vocals to their full advantage, the shimmery harmonies blend together with the soul and funk of the track to create an exciting preview of the forthcoming album.

Head to their website to pre-order Love Yes and discover more of their music. 

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