Album Releases: Week of November 27, 2015

Alternative / Rock / Indie

Ariel Sharratt & Mathias Kom – Don’t Believe The Hyperreal (Indie acoustic)

The Brainstems – No Place Else (Indie lo-fi rock)

Deerhoof – Fever 121614 [Live] (Noise rock)

Tilan Pearson – Perfect Enemy (Singer-songwriter/Acoustic)

Pope Francis – Wake Up! (Religious/progressive-rock)



d’Eon – Foxconn / Trios (Experimental electronic)

SOPHIE – Product (Experimental electro-pop)


Jazz / Blues

Food – This Is Not A Miracle (Experimental jazz)

H. Jon BenjaminWell I Should Have… (Jazz/Comedy)


Metal / Punk

Danzig – Skeletons (Heavy metal)




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