Lyke Giants – Jacob

Lyke Giants
Lyke Giants (Photo courtesy of Planetary Group)

Australia has become a central hub for talented shoegaze and ambient rock groups over the past few years; there is something captivating about dense, atmospheric sounds being produced from Down Under. Perhaps their ability to survive alongside some of the Earth’s most awe-inspiring/fear-inducing creatures has an influence.

From one of the most southern points of the Australian continent is Tasmania, the home of shoegaze trio Lyke Giants who have released their latest single “Jacob”, the dramatic musical re-telling of the tale of Jacob’s fight with God from the bible.

Expanding their sound into a more intense indie rock setting, Lyke Giants turn “Jacob” into a massive crescendo, relentlessly building until the explosive and dense conclusion. Atmospheric, dissipating textures guide the story with humming guitars, and patient, clockwork percussion to combine with the anthemic chorus and finale.

Head to the band’s website to find more information and enjoy more of their music.

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