AlphaCub – Friends (Official Music Video)

Toronto-based indie musician AlphaCub (a.k.a Marc-Antoine Robertson) has gone solo after his Halifax-based band Soho Ghetto disbanded in 2014.  Shifting his creativity from anthemic alternative rock towards synth-driven indie rock, AlphaCub has released his new single “Friends” with the accompanying black and white music video.

Filmed in a single take, the video shows Robertson enduring a stern beating and shaking from a friend:

‘I wanted to show that relationships put people in a spotlight and leave us vulnerable. Every bond has a cycle which spins affection, sympathy, empathy, honesty, fear, love, mistakes, compassion, feelings, judgement, and hatred with character. Makes for good nightlife”. 

Slow-burning ’80s-style synths are the layers forming the track’s foundation, as a dreary guitar marches alongside Robertson’s cool vocals.

AlphaCub’s debut EP will be out in the spring of 2016, but for now enjoy the single below.

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