Liskka – Keep Me Awake

Experimental electronic group Liskka take their name from the Czech word “Liška”, meaning to mix together elements from their surroundings with their culture. The synth-based four piece instead take the sounds and acoustic instruments from their environment and combine it with their electronic stylings and “culture” to create an engaging musical concoction.

At the end of the summer, Liskka released their debut EP Keep Me Awake (listen here)  and are proud to share the lead single and title track from the record. Putting their name to work, “Keep Me Awake” uses acoustic oboe and trumpet recordings, while blending with it vocal samples, glitchy synth-pop, and accented electronic percussion.

Criss-crossing between an artificial and an organic soundscape, “Keep Me Awake” is a pseudo-realistic experience. Enjoy the single below, and head to their website for more music and information.

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