P’ARIS – Focus

P’ARIS (Photo courtesy of Auteur Research)

Synth-pop duo P’ARIS have a stellar ability to create emotional, yet celebratory music that expresses challenging moments in life through careful lyricism and upbeat, decorative electronic production.

Over the past year, P’ARIS shared their first two singles “Heaven + High Water” and the Stint-produced “Confidence”. Continuing to release high-quality contemporary tracks, “Focus” becomes the pair’s next best hit.

P’ARIS explains:

“‘Focus’ is a song about two people experience the loss of a pregnancy. There’s a very particular type of gentle empathy that both partners must offer each other when going through a miscarriage. It’s a strange type of loss, especially from a pragmatic standpoint – you haven’t so much lost something as you have lost the idea of something. So in a way you’re mourning the loss of control over your own future, control over your own body, your biology. And you’re also faced with the fact that you have failed at the one thing humans exist on Earth to do. ‘Focus’ is about making sure the relationship doesn’t suffer while you’re each processing things in your own way.” 

Beautifully constructed, “Focus” matches the intoxicating flare of CHVRCHES and the stunning female-forward vocals of Purity Ring. Opening softly, the song eventually explodes into a gorgeous melody and electro-dance spirit.

Head to their soundcloud page to download “Focus” for FREE and hear more of their music.

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