Baby Jesus – You Make Me Fry (Official Music Video)

Baby Jesus
Baby Jesus (Photo courtesy of Planetary Group)

Swedish garage rock five-piece Baby Jesus released their debut self-titled album back in November of 2015, and as they continue to roll through in 2016 with their grungy, ’60s lo-fi expertise, the Scandinavian group are proudly sharing the music video for their lead single “You Make Me Fry”.

Groovy rockabilly swing and distorted flare of the ’70s proto-punk era, “You Make Me Fry” is a welcomed summer anthem in the middle of the cold winter. Bringing back the backbeat and throwback rock n’ roll riffs, Baby Jesus had the goal in mind of “raw garage rock from the bowels of the 60’s with a mixture of intense noise of instrumental and guttural sounds” which they easily accomplish.


You can stream the full album through their bandcamp page.

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