Speaker Face – Vertical (Official Music Video)

Electronic ambient-folk duo Speaker Face are looking forward to 2016. The Toronto-based pair are excited to release their debut album in the spring. Composed of Eric Wright and Trent Freeman, their music flirts between the natural and artificial world of instrumentation, aiming to “blur the line between what’s generated electronically and what’s generated by a human being”.

Droning bass textures, loops, and hints of jazz rhythms are fused together with hypnotic, experimental violin and piano tracks to create a stunning product. Featuring vocalist Rachel Sermanni, “Vertical” is undeniably soothing and organic.

Captivated by not only audio, but visual art as well, Wright and Freeman want to pair their songs with a complimentary video:

“The visuals of Vertical had been forming in my head ever since we started writing the song, a year before filming. There are some videos in the works, and pairing our sounds with visuals will always be a priority and a challenge”. 

Enjoy the beautifully crafted music video below and head to their website for more music and artwork.

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