Nick Zubeck – Secrets

Nick Zubeck
Nick Zubeck (Photo courtesy of Home Base Promotions)

It has been a few years since Guelph musician Nick Zubeck last honed his creativity into a solo project. Having toured with Sun Kil Moon for a number of years across different continents, Zubeck is releasing his latest solo effort Skydiving; his first since the 2011 record Western Terrestrial.

Traditionally rooted in folk, the singer-songwriter set out to challenge his creativity and push towards a more experimental direction. Providing the glance into the new collection, lead single “Secrets” demonstrates Zubeck’s defined pop-jazz/art-rock intentions. Poetic lyrics about his self-labelled “first world problems” – having lost loved ones to cancer and alcoholism, and being a single father before the age of 30 – are the governing spirit behind Skydiving, and play a solid role in “Secrets”.

A soothing evening jazz melody provide the matured backdrop for the heavy lyrical context. Zubeck’s rich, campfire vocals add a hypnotic and gentle delivery to the slightly off-centred folk-rock track.

Skydiving is available March 11th through Caldo Verde, and head to his bandcamp page for more of his work.

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