Conrad Sewell – All I Know EP

Conrad Sewell
Conrad Sewell (Photo courtesy of Mushroom Promotions)

(If you like: Sam Smith, George Ezra, Cody Simpson)

It can be considered quite an accomplishment to knock Taylor Swift out of a #1 spot on a pop chart. Conrad Sewell can proudly take credit for doing so, taking over in Australia with his breakthrough hit “Start Again”, capturing ARIA nominations in three categories. Adding to his success, the Australian-raised, L.A.-based musician was offered to tour with Ed Sheeran during his time in Australia.

Since the age of 13, Sewell was driven to be signed to a major label. Dedication, and hard work were only the starting points for the 27 year old singer.

“I was sending out demos and talking to major record labels. I was shooting for the stars from the first moment I could. I wasn’t singing in school pageants or anything like that; I was trying to get a record deal.” 

Gifted with a voice rich in power and soul, Sewell has captured the attention and hearts of fans and music professionals alike. After recently signing with 300 Entertainment, Sewell has released his major label debut All I Know EP

Sewell’s success has been well deserved; opening with the lead single “Start Again”, he sets the bar high on the new record, combining pop and soul for a monumental track that resembles Sam Smith’s breakthrough hit “Stay With Me”. Ballad-esque piano chords, a spontaneous inclusion of a backing chorus, all pushing Sewell’s powerful voice further forward. He explains:

“It’s about the one person or those few people who are always there for you and can put you in a good mood no matter what. I hope it opens up audience’s ears and hearts to what I’m trying to do. It’s a great starting point.”

After his sharing the success of “Firestone” with electronic artist Kygo, the upbeat, summer-pop influences of the hit single are recreated on “Shadow”, and “Hold Me Up”, showing the diversity of Sewell’s vocal ability in the world of pop. As a treat to fans of the original version of “Firestone”, Sewell includes a beautiful acoustic rendition, highlighting once again the strength of his voice.

Best part of all, All I Know is just the beginning for the musician; with his hit singles continuing to climb, it will be only a matter of time before Conrad Sewell becomes a successful name in the pop world.

Head to his website for information on the record and more.


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