Reversing Falls – Reversing Falls 2

Montreal fuzz-pop outfit Reversing Falls have been fairly quiet since their 2013 self-titled debut release, and introduced the next chapter in their discography back in September with the single “Are You There?” For the new track, founding members Tyler Crawford and Charlie Neufeld recruited drummer Jamie Thompson to replace their drum machine, helping to record an album on their own terms.

And although “Are You There?” did not make the new album, Reversing Falls are still deeply rooted in a fuzzy, distorted ‘90s pop style on their sophomore release appropriately titled Reversing Falls 2. Highlighting the confidence in their sound, Reversing Falls fill the album with infectious hooks that break through the tampered wall of manipulated guitar chords and chiming percussion. Hitting just past the 20-minute mark, the record is short, but sweet.

With a spirited opening, lead single “This Is Why” is the perfect example of the record’s spontaneity and youthful energy. Building momentum through the verses, and then unleashing the energy into a dance-pop chorus, “This Is Why” gives a positive spin on rebellious tendencies and disconnection by revisiting the angst of teenager versus authority.

Reversing Falls 2 bottles the spirit and freedom from responsibility of being young with breezy pop hooks and melody-driven tracks. “Secret Goth”, “Never Let You Go”, and “Wasted Again” deal with young-adult problems like trial and error romance, or irresponsible intoxication. It may not be the contextually riveting or profound, but it proves for an entertaining album, allowing the listener to enjoy the musicality and energetic delivery first and foremost, before touching on the mildly relatable topics at hand. The line “So young / so bitter / so wasted” from track “So Young” exemplifies the band’s melancholy lyrics overtop catchy, melodic riffs.

Reversing Falls 2 shows a matured shift in the right direction for the Montreal trio, and the seemingly trivial lyric content blends naturally with the enthusiastic, youthful pep and melodic drive. Stream the full collection via Cult MTL and head to their bandcamp to order the album.


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