The Inflation Kills – Grounds for Termination EP

The Inflation Kills
The Inflation Kills (Photo courtesy of Pigeon Row Publicity)

(If you like: Refused, Monster Truck, The Dirty Nil) 

So much has changed in ten years – just in the world of punk.

Since 2005, we’ve seen the maturity of pop punk, the spark in popularity of hardcore punk, and a formative revival of the intense, hook-driven punk rock. But little did everyone know, the past decade was missing something.

That was until The Inflation Kills released their first track since the 2005 self-titled album. “Churches” quickly reminded fans of the band’s dominating song writing ability, boasting their familiar aggression in the form of unforgettable hooks and punchy distortion. Punk rock was missing the four boys from Hamilton.

Similar to how Swedish punk band Refused literally shaped “the punk to come”, the Hamilton outfit bring forth that sense of creation and technical originality in “Oh Vision” and “Shortcut”. They share a number of similarities to Refused: abrasive vocals on the brink of shouting, melodic percussion, and a progressive attitude towards the genre.

Grounds for Termination carries with it more than just loud instrumentation and punk beat tempo; in a genre that is easily boarded within certain specifications, The Inflation Kills break down those walls by bringing the lyrical complexity and vocal cynicism to the forefront. Tracks such as “Dead Girls” and “Saskatoon” are driven by lead singer Phil Williams’ coarse vocals, with the rest of the band creating the intense, musical backdrop.

The wait was certainly worth it; Grounds for Termination utilizes the power of noise to capture the listener’s attention, and capitalizes on their infectious hooks and melodic composition to entertain. Head to the band’s website to order your limited edition cassette via Cold Slither Tapes.

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