Fast Romantics – Animal

Fast Romantics
Fast Romantics (Photo courtesy of Hive Mind PR)

(If you like: The Dears, The New Pornographers, Elvis Costello) 

Calgary-born, Toronto-based indie rock group Fast Romantics had a tough time figuring out what was to come next for the five-piece. After the success of their 2013 label debut Afterlife Blues, band co-founder Matthew Angus found himself at a crossroads:

“There was a disconnect…we’d go out and make loud party music but that wasn’t what I was listening to when I got home, so there was a disparity and I wanted to figure it out.” 

So he brought on a new songwriter, Kirty. Having another songwriter on board meant Angus could create something more genuine and true to his intentions. “Julia” was the band’s first single since the addition, and now the Fast Romantics have released their latest work, “Animal”.

“We were out one night and there was some awful narrative to the night with some guy we both knew acting horribly, and it got us talking about base instincts and how certain people act on them while others resist. We actually ended up having a huge argument about it and I woke up the next morning with the song in my head.”

“Animal” captures the instinctual appeal to melody-driven pop rock, putting power and soul into every note. With five members, the song’s sonic boundaries reach 0ut, with layers of guitar, synthesizers, and keyboards coming together under the vocal combination of Angus and Kirty.

You can enjoy the single below, and expect their sophomore full-length in the summer of 2016.

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