PUP - Boy Wonder
PUP (Photo by Boy Wonder)

(If you like: Hollerado, The Dirty Nil, METZ) 

Toronto punk superstars PUP tore across the music scene in 2014 with their critically-acclaimed debut self-titled record, then took their aggressive, hook-filled music to the world with an extensive tour schedule in 2015. Their ever-growing fan base patiently awaited new music as the four-piece continued to hint towards new material.

As the first taste of their upcoming sophomore release, PUP have released their latest single “DVP” (referencing the Don Valley Parkway). Without holding back, “DVP” contains the original PUP flare: abrasive vocals, infectious riffs, and the youthful, rowdy lyrical content. They never fail to instigate the uncontrollable urge to mosh and dance simultaneously by balancing the gap between pop rock and punk.

Listen to the track below and head to their website for more news and music.

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