Mieke – Move On (Official Music Video)


(If you like: Lykke Li, Coeur De Pirate, Beach House) 

Tackling personal obstacles and breaking free of hindering habits is much easier said than done. Toronto model/singer-songwriter Mieke found the courage and power inside to move forward on her own terms on her latest single “Move On”, she explains:

“I wrote this song about the moment when you’re finally ready to move forward- to break free of a pattern that isn’t giving you strength…When I was younger I always wanted people to tell me what was right for me (romantic partners, religious figures, anyone really except myself)…Even as we let go of what isn’t meant for us, we still feel the loss of the things that once defined us. 

Even when we feel most alone, we never are – and there is probably something new and good waiting for us if we can just ‘Move On'”.

The new music video depicts the emotional journey through the movement of dancers Cora Kozaris and Benjamin Kamino, providing a dramatic interpretation of the beautiful, minimalist track. Although flaunting a newly edited version of “Move On” from her debut self-titled EPMieke’s fragile voice remains as spellbinding as before, overtop a subtle layer of synthetic harmonies.

Enjoy the video clip below and visit her website for more music.

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