Sights & Sounds – Megaphono: Feb 3, 2016

If you haven’t head of Megaphono, that’s alright.

Only in its second year, the indie festival supports the local Ottawa music scene with concerts scattered across the city in the evening, and informative panel discussions every morning and afternoon.

From February 2nd to 5th, Megaphono showcases some of the best music Canada’s capital has to offer.

The PepTides
The PepTides (Photo by K.NE)

Wednesday night featured a number of highly-anticipated shows from Michael Feuerstack, to Andy Shauf, and local party-band The PepTides.

And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Catch some of the action from Wednesday in the Sights & Sounds gallery below, and head to for the full schedule and more information.

Danielle Allard

Teacher, consultant, musician…chameleon? Ottawa singer-songwriter Danielle Allard wears many hats. After releasing her latest album Chameleon earlier last year, the always-peppy Allard entertained Pressed Cafe (750 Gladstone Av.) with her music and friendly banter.

Find more of her music on her website and follow her on Facebook, and Twitter

Amanda Lowe

Originally from the small province of PEI, singer-songwriter Amanda Lowe has found her footing in the Ottawa music scene with her warm, high vocals and her melancholic tunes. Find her on Facebook, Twitter, and at her website

Michael Feuerstack

Originally rooted in Ottawa, Michael Feuerstack is now based out of Montreal, where he recently released his third solo album The Fortgettable Truth last year. Returning to his hometown, Feuerstack was welcomed back with anticipation and enthusiasm. Discover more of his music at his website and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


Based around lead singer and violinist Mika Posen, Merganzer is an experimental atmospheric pop act, so it was only fitting to be performing in the beautiful and quaint St. Alban’s Church. Effortlessly filling the room with dreamy loops, deep percussion, and the contrasting female vocals, Posen and her band created an experience on their own accord. Find more information through their website and on Facebook

Andy Shauf

B.C. musician Andy Shauf is quiet to say the least. The soft-spoken singer-songwriter serenaded the audience at St. Alban’s Church with his soothing, yet crisp voice, and his captivating songwriting. Keep up to date by following him on Facebook and Twitter, and head to his website for more information. 

Jesse Dangerously

Jesse Dangerously – or “Halifax’s best rapper, or perhaps the best rapper in the world”. Now based out of Ottawa, the East Coast native approaches the genre of hip-hop from a slightly different angle. Social commentary, satirical lyrics, and an oddly welcoming stage presence, Jesse Dangerously certainly entertained. Hear more music on his website,  and follow him on Facebook and Twitter


Riot Police

The Riot Police certainly have the energy to attempt holding back a riot. Infectious indie rock hooks with punchy pop mixed in, the up and coming quartet are starting their music careers off with their best foot forward. Keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter.




The stage at Zaphod’s is by no means large, but Ottawa dance-funk outfit The PepTides packed all eight members on it and took over the entire venue. Like a well-choreographed Greek chorus, the band’s four main vocalist seamlessly alternated lead roles, using every available inch to their advantage. The octet’s irresistible, big-band groove brought the shows to a close Wednesday night with gusto. Discover more at their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


All photos by K.NE – follow him on Instagram for more of his collection.

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