The Holy Gasp – The Mating Song (Official Music Video)

The Holy Gasp
The Holy Gasp

Have you ever visited a zoo in the spring and quietly thought to yourself, “I wonder if I’ll see any of the animals having sex”? Now you can skip the trip to the zoo entirely – Toronto beatnik-punk ensemble The Holy Gasp have brought nature’s process to you with their latest music video “The Mating Song”.

As it suggests, the song is about the timeless ritual of finding a dancing partner. Or as lead singer Benjamin Hackman puts it: “a song about consensual but complicated fucking”. The Holy Gasp have quickly become a best-kept secret in the Toronto music scene; Hackman’s unwavering energy and eccentric songwriting is nothing short of captivating. 

To match the spontaneous, uncensored style of The Holy Gasp, the video accompaniment for “The Mating Song” features a collection of animals doing what they do best – reproducing.

Check out the potentially NSFW video below and enjoy more of the band’s music at their website.

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