Sights & Sounds – Megaphono: Feb 5, 2016

Empty art galleries make surprisingly excellent rock concert venues.

The minimalist design from the contemporary building leaves plenty of room for equipment, bands, audiences, and most importantly: noise.

Ottawa’s Megaphono hauled the festival across the bridge into Hull for the final day of shows, including the closing event at AxeNÉ 7.

Darlene Shrugg
Darlene Shrugg (Photo by K.NE)

How were the shows? Let the pictures do the talking…

Visit for information on all of the acts, and look back on coverage from Wednesday and Thursday.

Michael Rault

Toronto-based lo-fi psych rocker Michael Rault shared his gritty, garage rock music Friday night. His ability to mash together rock n’ roll hooks, psychedelic effects, and noise-rock chaos is why Rault and his band were received with enthusiastic reviews. Discover more of his music at his website and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


Darlene Shrugg

Don’t be fooled by their calm demeanour and retro-’60s style; Toronto’s Darlene Shrugg can rock. Featuring members of U.S. Girls and Slim Twig, the fuzz-rock supergroup used their heavy riffs, and fuzzy distortion to fill the vacant space with an energizing aura.

Scattered Clouds

The omniscient red hue that lit atmospheric psych-pop trio Scattered Clouds accentuated the band’s dark, experimental sound. The hypnotic percussion and reverberating synthesizers consumed listeners into a trance-like state. Find more music at their website and follow them on Facebook.

New Swears

A picture speaks a thousand words. All that’s missing is the irreverent, dynamite rock n’ roll noise from party-rocker group New Swears. Costumes, crowd-surfing, and confetti are only half the story. Find out when they play next through their Facebook.

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