Simple Plan – I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed ft. Nelly (Official Music Video)

Simple Plan
Simple Plan (Photo courtesy of Atlantic Records)

(If you like: All-American Rejects, Nick Jonas, Hedley) 

Long-time pop-punk favourites Simple Plan have not hung up the towels just yet – formed back in 1999, the Montreal-born band are releasing their fifth studio album Taking One for the Team this Friday. And to add to the album’s nostalgic value, the five-piece have teamed up with R&B star Nelly for the album’s lead single “I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed”.

Unlike their previous discography, Taking One for the Team will be a more diverse collection, not just standard pop-punk tracks for angst-filled teens. The new single has the band jumping on the neo-funk revival train with a groovy, soul-pop vibe that resembles Nick Jonas’ more recent work.

As well, Simple Plan contribute to the extensive Baywatch-inspired videos as they take to the beach with swagger and makeshift-style.

Head to their website for more information on the upcoming record and tour dates.

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