The Smoking Bells – Good Woman


The Smoking Bells

(If you like: Alt-J, Portugal. The Man, Half Moon Run) 

This week, Toronto alternative rock band The Smoking Bells have released their new single “Good Woman”. The eerie blues-inspired guitar hook loops through a relaxing groove, perfect for dozing off or slow-dancing funk-style. As the subtle synth picks up during the chorus, the electronic sound adds to song’s mesmerizing effect, creating an atmosphere of ethereal beauty much like that between sleep and dreams.

The Smoking Bells will be releasing their third album Sleeptalk on March 4th, which is largely inspired by the relationship between sleep and waking, the band explains:

“I’ve always had an intense fascination with dreaming and sleeping and this is how the new Smoking Bells’ record was born. Throughout my younger life, I consistently experienced what is known in technical terms, as sleep paralysis. Yet, throughout history and countless cultures, it’s a phenomenon we called “the hag,” in Newfoundland, “succubus” in medieval folklore, and “Kanashibari” in Japan.

While frightening, this experience was intriguing in that it seemed to bridge some divide between the sleeping and waking worlds, the subconscious and the conscious. An apt metaphor, especially when embracing the artistic process: conjuring ideas from nothing to something.”

For fans anxiously awaiting March 4th, you can head to their bandcamp to download “Good Woman” before the release date, and check out more of their music.

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