Holy Fuck – Tom Tom

Holy Fuck
Holy Fuck (Photo courtesy of Hand Drawn Dracula)

(If you like: Battles, Errors, Fuck Buttons) 

Toronto experimental electronic-rock troupe Holy Fuck vanished as a whole from the music world after their 2010 album Latin – although the members went on to produce albums and work on their respective side projects. Fortunately, fans of the acoustic-electronic four-piece can sit back and wait for the May release of the band’s latest album Congrats by enjoying the lead single “Tom Tom”.

Known for their ability to create electronic music without using any of the generic tools, such as loops, programmers, and splicing, Holy Fuck instead transform keyboards, drums, bass, and whatever they can get their hands on to create captivating, instrumental music. The new song is no different; drone-like bass and percussion drive the rhythm section along while a concoction of keyboards and effects (and whatever else the band sees fit) give it an industrial melody that would dominate a warehouse party.

Enjoy the single below and head to their website to stay updated on the upcoming album.

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