Matthew Chaim – Untitled

Matthew Chaim
Matthew Chaim (Photo courtesy of Auteur Research)

(If you like: Kid Cudi, G-Eazy, The Weeknd) 

Matthew Chaim spoke of how Childish Gambino was a major influence on his music, especially for his debut single “Vanilla Ways“. And although the rapper has helped Chaim push the boundaries of his music, his latest single “Untitled” hits closer to the early works of Kid Cudi. Chaim replicates the new age hip-hop style of Cudi and Gambino, but with his own flavour and persona.

His laid-back delivery on growing up and introspection, and the quasi-psychedelic production of “Untitled” become parallel to sitting on the couch with your best friends, smoking a joint, and discussing your past, present, and future with no intent or worry.

The Toronto-based vocalist explains, “This song is called ‘Untitled’ because it’s a song about writing songs. At some point, all songs are ‘untitled'”. 

Enjoy the single below, and get lost in the bass-drenched production.

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