Wintersleep – Territory ft. Geddy Lee

Wintersleep founding members-L-R-Paul Murphy-Tim D’Eon-Loel Campbell (Photo by Norman Wong)

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Only two weeks away from the anticipated release of The Great Detachment and after four years of silence from the beloved Halifax-based indie rock band, Wintersleep have released their 3rd single “Territory” featuring Rush frontman Geddy Lee. Of the singles released thus far, “Territory” stands out the most; perhaps due to the increased complexity of the lyrics, the driving beat, the chorus harmonies; or perhaps it’s that the “best bass player in the world” had a hand in its making.

“We were having a lot of trouble with the bass line we had for this song. It was cool but the song didn’t feel as lively as it should in the end. Someone was like, “what would Geddy Lee do?” jokingly, and Tony was like- “oh, the best bass player in the world? He’d make it incredible. Why don’t we just ask him?” So we did!” said Paul Murphy, lead singer and guitarist.

“Amerika,” “Santa Fe,” and “Territory” all seem very thematic, following similar concepts of introspection, and literal and metaphoric geography; not to mention a similar energy and sound that are both engaging and transparently raw.

Wintersleep is setting out March 1st on a Canadian tour to celebrate the March 4th release of The Great Detachment. If you haven’t already, you can grab tickets to upcoming shows, pre-order the album and get more information from the band’s website. In the meantime, have a listen to “Territory” and get your groove on with those wicked bass lines.

Tour Dates
3/1    Kingston, ON @ The Grad Club
3/2    Montreal, QC @ Theatre Plaza St – Hubert
3/3    Ottawa, ON @ Ritual
3/4    Toronto, ON @ Lee’s Palace
3/5    Hamilton, ON @ The Casbah
3/15-18    Austin, TX @ SXSW
3/23    Calgary, AB @ The Gateway at SAIT
3/25    Vancouver, BC @ Imperial
3/26    Victoria, BC @ Sugar Nightclub
3/29    Edmonton, AB @ Starlite Room
3/30    Saskatoon, SK @ The Broadway Theatre
3/31    Winnipeg, MB @ Park Theatre

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