Crown Plaza – Staring At the Wall

Crown Plaza
Crown Plaza (Photo by Kelsey Fugere; courtesy of Planetary Group)

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Living in an office in one of the busiest airports in the world is a fairly unusual living situation.

Crown Plaza frontman Nima Kazerouni made the move after his relationship of 6 years ended and he left his L.A. apartment for his father’s back office at LAX. The constant buzz of his surroundings – planes, shuttles, and passengers – along with the glow of the nearby Crown Plaza hotel (hence their name) helped to influence his songwriting with Crown Plaza. The first single “Staring At the Wall” was a product of Kazerouni’s time spent travelling between L.A. and Tucson, Arizona where his daughter was recently born.

The dreamy, atmospheric rock is comparable to the sensation of flying, with clouds surrounding, and the steady cruising of the aircraft. Gentle rhythms, and gravity-defying synthesizers create a lush soundscape for Nima Kazerouni’s calming vocals.

Crown Plaza will be releasing the new 7″ “Staring at the Wall / LGO” this March.

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