The Range – Five Four (Official Music Video)

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The Range (Photo by Alexandra Gavillet; courtesy of Motormouth Media)

Brooklyn-based electronic artist The Range (a.k.a James Hinton) is the talented genre-jumping mind behind the latest music project Potential. Hinton will be releasing the new album on March 25th, and the collection is an interesting collaboration with the most unlikely of artists.

Using samples exclusively from no-name YouTube musicians, The Range produces rich, electronic beats and templates touching back to early ’00s grime and electronica, providing a lush backbeat for the special appearances. His latest single from the album is “Five Four” which features London rappers OphQi and Super Thought (ST). Their freestyle  which has barely reached 200 views on YouTube effortlessly becomes the commentary for the stunning track.

“Five Four” is released with the accompanying visual aid (below) which features OphQi and ST in dramatic black and white, telling a story underneath.

But James Hinton is not only interested in their performance caught on camera; along with the video’s director Daniel Kaufman, Hinton is releasing the documentary Superimpose this spring. The film will be take a closer look at the lives of the featured artists leading up to their respective videos and their plans for the future.

Watch the video for “Five Four” below, and check out the trailer for Potential and Superimpose just past. For more information on the project, head to his website.


Tour dates:

03-01 Los Angeles, CA – Resident
03-05 New York, NY – Berlin NYC
03-09 London, UK – Pickle Factory
03-15 to 03-19 Austin, TX – SXSW
05-13 to 05-15 Arcosanti, AZ – FORM Arcosanti
07-15 to 07-17 Chicago, IL – Pitchfork Music Festival
07-30 Montreal, QC – Osheaga Festival

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