AA Wallace – Shake It Out (Official Music Video)

AAWallace-3 Credit Matt Williams
AA Wallace (Photo by Matt Williams; courtesy of Pigeon Row)

(If you like: David Bowie, New Order, Hospitality) 

If everyone could fit, I’m sure Halifax-based synth-pop musician AA Wallace would gladly throw a party in his bedroom. His music almost requires a pair of stereo-speakers bought with your first paycheque, a quaint space, and carefree dancing.

A mix of bedroom pop, disco-indie rock, and infectious dance-synth, AA Wallace is releasing his latest album In Alpha Zones on March 11th. Having previously sharing a number of singles from the release (“Success”, “Harlequin”, “VLT-Girls”), Wallace is trumping them all with his dance hit “Shake It Out”.

Releasing the conversation-starting music video along with it, AA Wallace debuted the track on IX Daily, explaining:

“the video for ‘Shake It Out’ is about the perception of gender in language. The song itself contains no gender specific language. The video plays on that idea”. 

Dance along to the high-heeled clip below, and catch Wallace on tour in support of the new album (dates below). Head to his website for more information and music from In Alpha Zones.

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