Modern Baseball – Everyday + Apple Cider, I Don’t Mind

Modern Baseball
Modern Baseball (Photo by Jessica Flynn)

(If you like: Basement, Into It. Over It., Sorority Noise)

Named after a book found entitled “Modern Baseball Techniques”, Philadelphia indie emo-folk punk band Modern Baseball are releasing their third studio album Holy Ghost after flying through an extensive touring schedule for the past year.

Formed by childhood friends Brendan Lukens and Jake Ewald, Modern Baseball grew to a full band while their years in college, and the new four piece decided to scrap the institution for music (very, very punk). Their 2014 hit “Your Graduation” was well-received, giving listeners a welcoming glimpse into the emo-folk punk sound padded with melancholic lyrics of longing and introspective loneliness.

As they continue to build anticipation for the upcoming release, Lukens and Ewald have shared two new songs from Holy Ghost (via NPR) – which was divided in two for songwriting responsibilities: Ewlad with the A-side, Lukens gets the B-side.

Written by Ewlad, “Everyday” is a moody, yet upbeat track about forgetfulness and the unintentional storage of useless memories. It falls back in time with an undeniable sense of ’00’s acoustic-emo of Jack’s Mannequin with the garage style of Basement.

As for Lukens’ track, “Apple Cider, I Don’t Mind” still holds onto that melodramatic lyrical content, singing of a lost love as a young adult, re-creating the whole-body experience in danceable post-punk -The Cure-fashion before ending in par with Jimmy Eat World as he begs “Tell me this is forever / tell me this is forever”.

Head to their website for more information on Holy Ghost and to hear more of their music.

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