Shotgun Jimmie – Join the Band

Shotgun Jimmie
Shotgun Jimmie (Photo courtesy of Pigeon Row)

(If you like: Joel Plaskett, Two Hours Traffic, Bahamas) 

For Canadian singer-songwriter Shotgun Jimmie, summer has already begun. The veteran musician is releasing his latest album Field of Trampolines on March 18th, and it encompasses all the best parts of the season as a touring artist. With songs about road trips, camping, swimming, and enjoying the beauty of nature, Field of Trampolines is brimming with warm rays of excitement and energy.

Ahead of the upcoming release, Jimmie has shared the sun-shining single “Join the Band”. Produced and recorded with longtime Canadian favourite Joel Plaskett, the track features an infectious amount of playfulness and positivity. Sweeping surf-rock rhythm and a sing-a-long chorus in Beach Boys fashion illustrates Jimmie’s love for the warm weather and adventure as he sings “Join the band / come on tour / get in the van, what are you / waiting for”. The song instantly sparks an image of khaki shorts and ridiculous tan-lines – all you can do is smile along.

Enjoy the vibrant new single below and pre-order your copy of Field of Trampolines through You’ve Changed Records.

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