American Killers – Young Blood EP

American Killers
American Killers (Photo courtesy of Planetary Group)

(If you like: Wolfmother, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin) 

If albums had catchphrases similar to the way movies do, American Killers‘ Young Blood EP would be flaunting the phrase “the louder, the better”. The Sacramento-based hard rock trio deliver relentless, bone-shaking riffs and melodies with an appreciation for ’80s rock, but with a strong gusto of fresh energy.

Young Blood is the band’s debut release and was preceded by the riff-mashing single “Big City” and the accompanying political-dystopian music video. Introducing their hard-hitting sound to the world through the lead single, the new EP takes it one step further with more powerful riffs, crushing percussion, and abrasive vocals.

From the opening chords of “There Will Be Blood”, the record’s pace is set; buckle up and remember: “the louder, the better”. Frantic shouts of “There will be blood! There will be blood!” mix together with the guitar solos of lead singer/guitarist Eddie Underwood effortlessly.

But it’s not until “Napalm” where Underwood shows his vocal presence, barrelling through the final chorus, shouting:”Let’s drop the napalm, let’s drop the napalm” like a ticking time bomb. Once everything goes still do you release what just happened. There’s no room for pause as album closer “Maximum Overdrive” throws Underwood’s growls back into the mix, overtop fuzz-filled bass lines and hammering drum parts.

Stream the album via the band’s bandcamp page below and check out their tour dates.

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