Sara Diamond – Just Give In

Sara Diamond
Sara Diamond (Photo courtesy of Auteur Research)

(If you like: Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande) 

Montreal singer-songwriter Sara Diamond seems to have two sides to her sound: On one end, she’s known for singing the American national anthem at Montreal Canadiens hockey games and singing kids songs for KIDZUP records. On the other hand, Sara Diamond is a tantalizing R&B songstress, teasing with her angelic voice on her debut single “Just Give In”.

Produced by Noah Barer and Cavewerk (the same pair who have worked with nu-R&B artist Matthew Chaim), Sara Diamond loans her soft, gentle voice to sing of complicated love, overtop the heavily-textured bass line, contrasting between dreamy builds and dense foundations. ’90s R&B circa Brandy and Mariah Carey come to mind, but with a refurbished, contemporary footing similar to Ariana Grande.

She explains: “Most people in their lives have been in that limbo zone…wanting to be exclusive, wanting the coveted ‘I love you’ from their partner. At its core, ‘Just Give In’ is about trusting yourself and doing what feels right. Every action has a consequence, and as long as you know that, you have the power” (Noisey).

Have a listen below.

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