Benjamin Munoz – The Bonds That Fail Us

Benjamin Munoz

Although originally from Hamilton, Ontario, electronic artist Benjamin Muñoz has relocated to the U.K., the home base of his musical influence and admiration. Growing up, Muñoz discovered a love for the underground electronic music of the U.K., from drum n’ bass, to jungle, to grime. His embarked on a solo career after his former band New Hands split, and has now released his second single “The Bonds That Fail Us”.

He explains: “The Bonds that Fail Us’ is a tune about indecision. I made it in Bristol and was sick of bouncing back and forth between places, feeling indecisive over whether to stay or go. But ultimately, it’s about the inevitable catch 22 that underlies our relationships, how those closest to us have the most power to hurt us and vice versa.”

Downtempo piano chords, and droning textures similar to the sound of a clock ticking in a silent room, “The Bonds That Fail Us” evokes pensive emotions and ambient tranquility.

Listen to the single below, and enjoy his debut single “Anchors“.

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