Andy Shauf – The Magician (Official Music Video)

Andy Shauf
Andy Shauf (Photo by K.NE)

(If you like: Dan Mangan, Bahamas, The Barr Brothers) 

The music of Regina singer-songwriter Andy Shauf is calming, melancholic, and borderline depressing. And aside from its slow-burning qualities, it digs its way deep into the mind and soul, sitting comfortably within as it takes your attention without you noticing.

His latest single “The Magician” does it very carefully; a guiding bass line, sporadic fuzzy guitar lines, and swelling instrumentation only further Shauf’s gentle, and dreary vocal delivery. Off his upcoming record The Party out May 20, “The Magician” is given an additionally mesmerizing layer through the stunning art piece directed by Winston Hacking. He explains:

 “My mom gave me a bunch of old postcards from my grandparents’ collection — they were the starting point for the idea and became the backdrop to the video”. 

Enjoy the paper-cut backdrop for the psychedelic and beautifully crafted music video below. Head to Shauf’s website for more information on The Party.

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