GreyMarket – Minutiae

GreyMarket  (Photo courtesy of Planetary Group)
(Photo courtesy of Planetary Group)

(If you like: Crash Kings, Phoenix, Death From Above 1979) 

Tampa garage rock duo GreyMarket is the result of two friends from the University of South Florida who eventually gave up looking for a full band. Guitarist/vocalist Cave McCoy came into GreyMarket, already established by drummer Mike Gargiulo and two others, as a bassist, before taking over the role of guitarist after the band’s other two left the group. From their, the never-ending search for a vocalist brought them back to their garage space with McCoy taking over. The resulting dynamic was a favourable one, with the duo realizing their chemistry and balance as a band was perfect the way it was.

Releasing their latest album The Stress Kills sometime this year, GreyMarket have shared their latest single “Minutiae”.

If you are unfamiliar with the word “minutiae”, it essentially means small, trivial details; however, the song’s layers of details are worth examining. Drawing from a number of electronic influences, “Minutiae” is held together with electro-pop synthesizers stuck onto rock n’ roll hooks and powerhouse drum parts to fill in the gaps. Upbeat, charming, and entertaining, McCoy’s vibrant vocals matches well with the bright instrumentations; the explosive chorus’ find a way to resemble a mixture of Crash Kings and Phoenix, with the intensity and passion of Death From Above 1979.

Enjoy the single here, and head to their website for more music. You can catch GreyMarket on tour this May as well.

Tour dates: 

May 7th Tampa, FL @ Crowbar
May 13th Charleston, SC @ The Sparrow
May 14th Wilmington, NC @ Reggies
May 15th Greenville, SC @ Radio Room
May 17th Annapolis, MD @ Metropolitan Kitchen
May 18th Baltimore, MD @ The Depot
May 19th Brooklyn, NY @ The Rock Shop
May 20th Syracuse, NY @ Funk N’ Waffles
May 21st Canton, OH @ Buzzbin

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