Plaitum – Jagwa (Official Music Video)

Plaitum  (Photo courtesy of Motor Mouth Media)
(Photo courtesy of Motor Mouth Media)

(If you like: Purity Ring, Crystal Castles, Chvrches) 

After the success of their stunning debut self-titled EP last winter, British electro-pop duo Plaitum are returning this spring with their latest Jagwa EP on May 20th. Revitalizing their lush trip-hop production from producer Matt Canham, and the angelic, contrasting vocals of Abi Dersiley, Plaitum have shared their lead single and title track from the upcoming record.

“Jagwa” opens with a delicate, gradual swell before exploding into a dense pool of synthesizers and electronic effects. Dersiley’s voice touches well above the bass-driven production from Canham, giving the pair an ideal match reminiscence of fellow trip-hop artists Purity Ring.

Along with the new single, Plaitum have shared the equally captivating music video. Alternating between spotlights of richly coloured red or blue, mesmerizing effects combine to create an artistic painting against a consistent blackened backdrop.

Check out the video below, and head to their website to pre-order a copy of Jagwa.

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