Nick Valentini Collective – Carousel (Official Music Video)

Nick Valentini

(If you like: Coldplay, Genesis, Radiohead) 

Grandiose, sublime, exquisite; words often used to describe something so paramount and awe-inspiring, it often hits deep within.

California experimental eight-piece Nick Valentini Collective formed just six or seven months back, and their dynamic, jazz-inspired cinematic rock sound has been picking up traction ever since. Set to release their debut full-length later this year, the Nick Valentini Collective have shared the album’s lead single “Carousel” and its accompanying visual.

Lead singer/pianist Nick Valentini and his band have been referred to as the “jazz fusion Radiohead”, and with his new single it is no surprise. The dramatic, unpredictable intensity of some of Radiohead’s biggest hits shares similarities with “Carousel”, as the soft, jazz piano opening and striking, soulful vocal harmonies crescendo into a triumphant and psychedelic conclusion.

Valentini’s musicality is well past his age. Although only in his early 20’s, the young musician performs with a maturity and musical intuition of an aged, industry professional. His carefully crafted lyrics give “Carousel” an added spine-chilling effect:

“We fight in shallow water, we act like we’re old friends. We’re always on a different side of a lover’s carousel. I give what I can offer, it’s funny how it all just goes around”. 

Enjoy the beautiful music video below, featuring a dramatic contemporary dance routine. Head to their website for more details and music.

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