Wintersleep – Amerika (Official Music Video)

Wintersleep  (Photo by K.NE)
(Photo by K.NE)

(If you like: Yukon Blonde, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Hey Rosetta!) 

Canadian alternative rock icons Wintersleep took over the charts with their latest album The Great Detachment and its powerful lead single “Amerika”. Named the #1 most added track at commercial Alternative and Active Rock radio within its first week, and finding a comfortable spot in the Top 10 at Alternative rock for a handful of weeks, Wintersleep have created something special.

Since releasing The Great Detachment back in March, the Montreal-based band have been touring in support of the album, and have now added to the year’s early successes with the beautiful music video for their hit song.

With the song’s hard-driving pulse and doubting lyrics based on a poem by American poet Walt Whitman, the music video adds to the song’s dark themes with dramatic shots, diminished colouring, and vignette storytelling. It leaves an imprint on the mind, composed in the form of a short film that aims to strike a message about modern political issues and human fascination with destruction and death.

Sit back and enjoy the video below. Read our review of the The Great Detachment here and head to their website to order a copy.

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