Arkells – Private School (Official Music Video)


(If you like: Tokyo Police Club, Sam Roberts Band, Hollerado) 

Hamilton indie pop rock group Arkells certainly worked hard to get where they are now. The JUNO-award winning band have released three phenomenal records since their 2008 debut Jackson Square, touring extensively, and dedicated their lives to performing.

Continuing their success, Arkells have announced a fourth full-length is on the way August 5th. Set to be titled Morning Report, the indie five-piece shared the good news with a brand-new music video for the forthcoming album’s lead single “Private School” over at The Fader.

Low-key, slow-burning groove kicks off the chorus-driven single about the “privileged lives” of private school kids. As frontman Max Kerman puts it, “Born on third base, thought they hit a triple”, lamenting “I just want to love you, but it’s so hard”.

Kerman and the band can instead look back at their dedication and hard work, and proudly say they’ve hit a triple.

Enjoy the behind-the-scenes style music video below, and look out for a few fellow Canadian musicians (Hint: Lights, Sum 41’s Steve Jocz, and Dave Monks of Tokyo Police Club – who loans his voice throughout the track).

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