Classified – Work Away ft. David Myles (Official Music Video)

Classified - March 11, 2016 (Photo by K.NE)
Classified – March 11, 2016
(Photo by K.NE)

With the recent, disastrous wildfires hitting the town of Fort McMurray, Alberta, East Coast hip-hop artist Classified saw an opportunity to help raise funds and show his support with his fellow Canadians. His latest music video for “Work Away” was set to be released this week, but Luke Boyd (a.k.a. Classified) has decided to donate all the proceeds from the song to the relief efforts in Fort McMurray.

“Work Away” features singer-songwriter David Myles, as he and Classified sing about the struggles of working long periods away from the family, a common occurrence with many East Coast families. Featuring a handful of hard-working Canadians, including a few who have gone off to work at the oil rigs in Alberta, “Work Away” is a heart-warming, honest account of a difficult situation.

Showing footage of real families, try not to cry as the fathers and mothers come home to their children patiently waiting for a warm embrace.

You can buy the song and show your support to the Canadian Red Cross here, and head to his website for more music and information.

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