Cedar Spring Motel – Waiting (For the Rain)

Cedar Spring Motel
Cedar Spring Motel

(If you like: The Dirty Nil, PUP, Modern Baseball) 

The outskirts of Toronto and the GTA are becoming the place to be for some of the best garage-punk bands in recent years. Bands like The Dirty Nil, and PUP have been giving the genre a positive name, and Cedar Spring Motel can be added to the list.

The Hamilton-based trio use melodic, face-melting punk and rock n’ roll as an outlet to complain about the common problems of being a young adult found in the routine sandwich of school and work. They explain:

Most people probably know what it’s like to feel stuck in a shitty day to day routine and getting super drunk on a Friday night to get away from it a bit. Or maybe that’s just us. Either way it was something we wanted to write about, because there aren’t enough rock tunes that complain about stuff right? 

Their sense of humour, musical confidence, and angsty perspective give their new single a breath of fresh air in a grungy basement of sound. Off on the right foot, Cedar Spring Motel are definitely a band to watch out in the coming months.

Listen to the punk n’ roll single below.


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