Die Antwoord – Dazed & Confused (Prod. GOD)

Die Antwoord
Die Antwoord

South African rap-rave icons Die Antwoord are releasing their new Suck On This EP on May 19th, the first release since their 2014 full-length Donker Mag. Mashing electronic, rap, and primitive urges, Die Antwoord have shared their new single “Dazed & Confused” a week before the EP.

Produced by God, Yolandi and Ninja play their usual parts on the laid-back, bass-heavy track, with their playful back and forth dynamic. Although not quite as aggressive and in-your-face as their sound often is, “Dazed & Confused” still has a catchy rhythm and perhaps hints at a new, matured direction.

Listen below, and head to their phallic-designed website for more information on Suck on This.

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