Gold Panda – In My Car (Official Music Video)

Gold Panda

British electronic producer Gold Panda recently made the visit to Japan before composing his latest record. After travelling to Hiroshima, the cab driver said to him, in broken English, “Good luck, and do your best”, a rough translation of their common phrase “ganbatte, kudasai”. This struck a chord with the producer, and wanted his latest album to be more positive, and genuine. And so was born Good Luck And Do Your Best.

From the new album is the lead single “In My Car”, a captivating, melodic instrumental piece. Its simple structure of a looping hip-hop beat creates a laid-back, relaxed energy. Accompanying the track is the homemade music video, filmed by his friend Rob Brandon, of Gold Panda spending the day with his grandmother. He explained:

“I asked Rob to just come and film us (my gran and I) being boring. But now, when I watch it back, it doesnt seem mundane at all. It seems actually really nice and sweet. I was thinking about all this cool stuff we could do, slow-mo shots, what outfit I could wear, maybe an explosion and who could be in my crew. But real life is exciting enough; you just dont see it when youre in it.

His introspective, minimalistic approach works well, leaving room for personal thought and reflection. Enjoy the adventure in the video below, and order your copy of Good Luck and Do Your Best which is available now.

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