Arkells – A Little Rain (A Song For Pete) (Official Lyric Video)

Arkells  (Photo courtesy of Auteur Research)
(Photo courtesy of Auteur Research)

Canadian favourites Arkells are inching closer to their August 5th release of their fourth album Morning Report. Fans have already been treated to two singles, “Private School“, and “A Little Rain (A Song For Pete)”, but the five-piece have added a visual accompaniment for the latter.

“A Little Rain” feels like a continuation from their previous release High Noon, with sweeping choruses and jangling pop energy. As the band forecasts for rain, the new lyric video has the band playing along as they’re drenched in a heavy downpour. Amongst the wet hair and upbeat music lies a story; frontman Max Kerman explains:

“It may sound like I’m talking about finding God in Saint Peter’s Cathedral, but this song is really about my friendship with an old Communist Jewish guy named Pete. Pete is Peter Rosenthal – look him up! He’s an activist lawyer representing folks who often don’t have a voice. He’s been a friend to me and my family for many years, and I love the man and everything he represents. A lot of our music is about having people to lean on. That’s the beauty of a good friendship – depending on the day, you take turns doing the leaning”. 

You can read more about Pete at the Toronto Star.

Enjoy the track below, and pre-order a copy of Morning Report through their website and catch them on tour this summer.

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