FIDLAR – Punks (Official Music Video)

FIDLAR (Courtesy of BB Gun Promotions)
(Courtesy of BB Gun Promotions)

Los Angeles noise-punks FIDLAR released their loudmouth, electrifying sophomore album Too late last year, and have teamed up with collaborators and artists from Oklahoma City – and more specifically, The Flaming Lips art space (a.k.a The Womb) for their latest music video.

Giving the hard-hitting noise-punk tune “Punks” a visual aid from the facilities of art/music gurus The Flaming Lips can only mean one thing: it’s going to be shocking, unique, and downright engaging. Depicting a dystopian, high-end underground party gone wrong, the new video slams its way in similar pace to the track’s aggressive beat.

Check out the video below, and head to FIDLAR’s website for more information on Too.

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