Arkells – Making Due

Arkells (Photo courtesy of Auteur Research)
(Photo courtesy of Auteur Research)

Arkells’ highly anticipated fourth album Morning Report is set to hit shelves August 5th, and the Hamilton five-piece have released their latest single ahead of time. “Making Due” has the band travelling in a slightly different direction, paying homage to the synthesizer-friendly sound of the ’80s through the verses, and the anthemic energy of arena rock with hints of Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams in the chorus.

Lead singer Max Kerman had this to say about “Making Due”:

“‘Making Due’ is about people who’ve been left behind. Communities that’ve been uncared for. We have a lot of hopeful songs, but lyrically this is a helpless one. 

Last summer I’d wake up every morning, have a coffee, read the news, and feel a little paralyzed. Another community would be on fire, mostly because they’ve suffered year of neglect. And then I’d listen to covers of Stephen Foster’s ‘Hard Times’ on repeat. That song can make you cry. But what I love about writing music is that the melodies and rhythm create an alchemy with the words that can also give you a little bit of hope. 

We did this one with Joe Chiccarelli and the man made us run it 100 times in the studio. He likes his shit pristine, with some weird moments. At the time I thought he was a crazy motherfucker, but now I’m glad because it turned out like this”. 

Enjoy the new single below, and head to their website to pre-order your copy of Morning Report and check out their list of tour dates.

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