Glass Animals – Youth (Official Music Video)

Glass Animals  (Photo by Neil Krug)
Glass Animals
(Photo by Neil Krug)

U.K. indie rock group Glass Animals popped onto the music world map with their 2014 debut ZABA, and were welcomed to stick around with their refreshing style of hypnotic, fizzy, electronic rock music. Following up their recent success, the Oxford four-piece have announced their sophomore album How To Be A Human Being will hit shelves August 26th.

They teased fans with the lead single “Life Itself” back in May, and now have given a second look into the upcoming record with the brand new music video and single “Youth”.  Continuing the story from the “Life Itself” video, “Youth” this time focuses on the young boy, encompassing the song’s lyrical theme of freedom of youth.

Glass Animals lead singer Dave Bayley took a different approach to songwriting this time around for the new album; he explains:

“I try to sneakily record people, and I have hours and hours of these amazing rants from taxi drivers, people we met outside of shows, people at parties. People tell you some amazing things when they don’t think they’re ever gonna see you again”. 

The inspiration for the new single comes from one specific recording:

“Someone told me a story about her son once that was one of the saddest things I’ve ever heard. What she said was completely heartbreaking, but she told it with such optimism and such a sense of calm. She was on the verge of crying, but she was also smiling and something in her face said that she had found a way to be happy again. This song is trying to get at that sentiment”. 

Enjoy the catchy new single below, and head to their website for more information on How to Be A Human Being.


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