Earth Heart – Demons

Earth Heart (Photo courtesy of Planetary Group)
Earth Heart
(Photo courtesy of Planetary Group)

From the small town of Allston, Masschesuchets comes the big, bashing sound of garage rock trio Earth Heart. Although no strangers to the local live music scene, Earth Heart recently headed to the studio to record their debut full-length record Homesick, which is out August 5th.

Formed back in 2013 after vocalist/guitarist Katie Coriander met drummer Matt Axten at a cafe in Cambridge, MA, in search of a drummer to accompany her during her solo performance the next evening. Since then, the pair along with bassist Natan Keyes have self-released five EPs and countless shows. Adding Homesick to their repertoire, the trio have shared the lead single “Demons”.

Off-centered and jagged, “Demons” touches on early alternative rock influences like Garbage and The Mouldy Peaches, with a sense of urgency from the modern DIY soundscape. Based on the literature of Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Coriander explains the song’s meaning:

“Dostoevsky wrote a novel called Demons, or The Possessed, about the political changes in 19th century Russia. He saw how people were possessed by their ideologies and how ideas can turn people into demons. That’s what this song is about, obsession and ideology and how hard it is to realize you’re not in control of your own thoughts. People don’t have ideas, ideas have people.” 

Take in the noisy, garage rock tune below, and head to their website for more information and music.

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