Kill Chicago – Take the City (Official Music Video)

Kill Chicago  (Photo courtesy of Pigeon Row)
Kill Chicago
(Photo courtesy of Pigeon Row)

After living in Montreal in 2012, and taking part in the massive student protests against tuition hikes, Kill Chicago frontman Greg Webber returned to Fredricton, New Brunswick motivated and inspired. With the cost of living and education increasing every year, and with student debt on the rise as well, the indie blues rock group Kill Chicago looked to their fans for stories about the unfortunate reality of higher education.

Their latest single “Take the City” was originally inspired by the protests in Montreal, however the band took it one step further for the accompanying music video. Sharing stories and statistics from Canadians with student debt, the music video highlights the wide-spread negative repercussions associated with Canadian life post-university.

Kill Chicago partnered up with Generation Squeeze, a student support organization, for the music video, which you can watch below.

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