Almeeva – Part Fiction (Live Music Video)


Also known for his role with Paris electro-pop band Kid North, Parisian musician Greg Hoepffner works under the moniker Almeeva as a solo electronic artist. After recently sharing his latest Oblite EP back in July, Hoepffner has taken to a rooftop to show off his lead single “Part Fiction” and the Paris sunset.

Incorporating elements of house and trance into his lush, synth-pop sound, “Part Fiction” begins with Almeeva’s reverb-drenched vocals overtop a repeating melody and pounding bass kick. The song eventually slows and shifts into a futuristic trance loop that builds and builds with each passing phrase, until it reaches its synthetic climax.

Displaying his showmanship and individual skill, Hoepffner begins in front of his laptop and synthesizer, before working his way around the rooftop adding unique and multiple layers into the song’s growing sound.

Check out the video below and head to his website to hear more from Almeeva.

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