Skinny Lister – CityFolk Festival: Thursday September 15, 2016

Skinny Fuckin’ Lister.

Skinny Lister - Sept 15, 2016 (Photo by K.NE)
Skinny Lister – Sept 15, 2016
(Photo by K.NE)

Pardon my English, the rowdy, fear-not attitude of the London sextet seems to have worn off on me. But that is definitely not a bad thing – what a show.

Bringing their unparalleled energy and party-starting tunes to CityFolk Festival, Skinny Lister held a kitchen party in the Aberdeen Pavilion and everyone was invited. Their blend of folk, punk, and good ol’ drinking music makes for a wild night and some great tunes to stomp your feet to. The rambunctious personalities of each member came out to play Thursday night, as they cracked jokes and shared stories, treating the performance as if it was an intimate gathering in, well, a kitchen, with all their closest friends.

Releasing their third album The Devil, The Heart, & The Fight on September 30th, the band played a few tasters from the upcoming record, but mostly stuck to the exhilarating hits from their previous albums, like opening song “Raise A Wreck”, “Trouble On Oxford Street”, and “This is War”.

After doing a quick survey, it was clear to see Skinny Lister left Ottawa Thursday night when plenty more fans than they started with. The scattered hands of long-time listeners at the beginning quickly turned into countless dancing feet of fans new and old alike. Nothing quite like a few high-energy drinking songs to bring people together.

Check out the pictures from the concert below, and head to their website for more information on their upcoming release and tour dates. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more photos and updates.

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