Tancred – Pens (Official Music Video)

Tancred (Photo courtesy of BandsInTown.com)
(Photo courtesy of BandsInTown.com)

Formed as the brainchild of Now, Now guitarist Jess Abbott, Tancred is the irresistible indie pop-grunge trio based out of the New England area. Blending together singer-songwriter, grunge, lo-fi, and most of all pop, Abbott and her crew deliver loud, catchy tunes that worm their way into your mind and stay there.

Her new record Out of the Garden hit shelves back in April, but from the release comes the latest single “Pens”. Although it was released back in September, the song’s infectious hook and energy is not to be missed. Contrasting against the fuzzy guitars and slamming percussion, Abbott’s gentle, feminine vocal work softens the blow as the crunching melody takes over.

Maintaining her pseudo-gothic aesthetic, the music video compliments the hit single the same way a smile on a psychopath does (puts the “inviting” in “uninviting”). Check out the music video below, and head to her website to get your copy of Out of the Garden.

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